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The transit industry is in dire need of the Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution for the fleet management. This Fleet ERP Solution can be used to obtain and manage the data on the vehicle fleet. This data can help the transit supervisor in numerous ways. The dispatch timings, routes, fuelmileage, and identification of the driver can be tracked using the Fleet ERP Solution. This information helps to determine the leakage in profits. It also helps to avert the fuel theft, vehicle abuse, vehicle theft, and traffic emergencies.The different aspects of Fleet ERP Solution help the transit manager to organize and manage his fleet in an efficient manner.

What you get with a Comprehensive Fleet ERP Solution?



Every business needs robust Fleet ERP Solution for managing its fleet in an organized manner. Some of the concerns that plague the transit supervisors are fuel theft, accidents, vehicle mishandling, and damage. In order to impose a liability on the driver or the borrower of the vehicle, the owners need to have vital information about them. The driver identification feature fulfills this purpose. Knowing who is handling the vehicles at all times give you a peace of mind.

GPS Gaadi's Conviction for the Fleet Maintenance ERP

At GPS Gaadi, we have been developing advanced services and devices that contribute to the overall efficiency of a transit businesses. So far, we have beensuccessfully keeping up with the expectationsand challenges of the market. Our products entail a plethora of GPS solutions such as GPS tracking with driver identification, GPS tracker with a kill switch, vehicle immobilizer, and mileage tracker.We also provide the Fleet Maintenance ERP for the school buses. Employing the years of expertise in the field, we offer the best innovations to our customers.