GPS Trackers for Trucks

School Bus Tracking


Quick View & Control

Transport managers can view the whole school bus transportation process and control different aspects of vehicles easily from the portal.

Smart Routing

Find routes that are efficient with the help of highly advanced algorithms and smart mapping system for efficient school bus routing any time.

Historical data

Get insights into historical routing, driving patterns and student behaviour to asses and improve various school transportation activities.


School Transport managers get timely notifications on different aspects from different vehicles on the portal, allowing easy, quick management.

School Transportation Services

In the past decade, school transportation has gained a lot in importance. This is primarily due to a faster lifestyle and increased safety threats.

A large number of parents are now part of the 9-6 work culture. This prevents them from ensuring their children’s safe transportation to and from schools. Even in the case of parents who take their children to school in their private vehicles, the accident rate has been high. The prime reason for this is that school transportation happens during peak traffic hours.

School Transportation Services

Mark Attendance in Bus 

AVL systems are necessary for every facet of the transit industry. The educational services are no exception to this fact. School buses are an imperative mode of transit that takes place in this industry. These buses need a reliable GPS service for ensuring the safety of the children. GPS Gaadi understands the need for a GPS system that can provide the comprehensive school bus solution. By using the services offered by GPS Gaadi, you can make sure that the safety of the children remains intact. The GPS services are not only beneficial for the parents but also go a long way in saving the fuel and maintaining the health of the vehicle. The transit supervisor can track the bus entire time. The buses can be appointed appropriate routes. This helps the driver to avoid wrong turns and traffic jams. The advanced GPS technology has given a way to a very effective school bus solution. The owners can be ensured of the fact that their vehicles are not being misused. They can be aware of its location the entire time. The school bus solution using the AVL system also helps to provide a peace of mind to parents.

Using this advanced technology, the supervisors can carry out the student attendance in bus. The GPS along with RFID stickers can help to know the location of the child. It helps in preventing the tragic incidents such as abduction. These stickers also help the parents to be aware of the student attendance in bus. They can know if their children have got on the vehicle or got off in real time. If they see him deviating from the path, they can contact the authorities and prevent any mishap. The driver identification helps the parents to know about the credibility of the person driving around their children. The driver too can be cognizant of the fact that he is being watched constantly and thus, be careful with his actions. Along with the student attendance in bus solution, the problem of rash driving and accidents can be solved. The devices at GPS Gaadi are enriched with the latest technology designed to make possible the task of student attendance in bus. The customers can get an all-inclusive solution for vehicle monitoring services.  Our products are the results of years of experience in the AVL technology. We have been catering the GPS solution needs of the transit industry in Delhi and beyond.