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A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.


The only information obtained from the GPS itself is the actual location of the user. The rest of the information available, such as nearby businesses, street information, etc, is actually determined by software installed on the receiver or something connected to this receiver. The software in the receiver or in whatever the receiver is connected to will take the information obtained from both the satellites and the map data it has, and allow a user to plan routes from two chosen points, tells the user of nearby locations, and approximates the user's speed and direction of travel.

Best GPS Tracker Online GPS car tracker

A tracking device if used well can greatly enhance the efficiency and asset utilization for the company. These days GPS tracker in Delhi has become a very popular and a common form of business. The benefits you get from these devices are well recognized by most of the government agencies. With a very good level of co-ordination, excellent fleet management and co-ordination of asset the GPS tracker India Online helps us to improve the efficiency of the work process.

Gets The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System With GPS Gaadi

We have got the best GPS tracker system in India and that too with the latest technology and equipments which makes the management of the fleet quite easy. Our technical team comprising of engineers from top engineering colleges such as IITs, BITs and NITs will help you with the best reporting mechanism which will cut down the cost in the best possible way and help you to improve the end services you are providing to your customers through our GPS vehicle tracking system. With this your vehicle could easily send the information remotely. There information you get are related to location of the vehicle, direction to which you are travelling, status of the movement of the vehicle, where the vehicle is stopping, how long it is stopping, mileage, efficiency matrix, truck analysis, customer analysis and driver analysis etc.

With the GPS tracker in Delhi, you will be allowed to access every single detail you need for the observation and determination and you could track the usage of the fuel in vehicle. You could easily get a real time data and that too in just 10 seconds and with this work could be done too efficiently. We have always made sure that we have given ultimate satisfaction to our customer. We help you cutting

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Salient Features of GPS Vehicle System Tracking System GPS car tracker

We provide you with a real time GPS vehicle tracking system for managing the fleets in a better way. There are many services providers in the market these days but makesure that you do not fall in the wrong hands; they may lead you to lots of wastage of money. We have a unique position in the market. We also help you on improving the fleet productivity. All our solutions are quite easy to implement and very user friendly. We come up with a very versatile platform for all our clients and customers. Benefits you would get while you hire GPS tracker India services from us :

  • You could get a real time location with us which will allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

  • Simplifies the administration task and helps taking any business decision wisely.

  • We help improving the utilization of the vehicle.

  • Checking the location of truck in case of any theft of vehicle etc.

  • Providing daily, weekly, monthly and customized reports for checking the efficiency of your fleet.

  • Transparency of every single detail helps us to create a clear cut image in front of the customer an

  • We make sure there are no unnecessary stops of your vehicle.

  • Can get alert for over speeding, long delays, vehicle entering a geo fence areas etc.

Find Best GPS Tracking System in Delhi GPS Tracking System

Why you need GPS trackers for trucks?

AVL or Automatic Vehicle Locator is the need of the transit business today. This system uses the Global Positioning System to identify and track the location of a vehicle for a business. At GPS Gaadi, it is our conviction to cater to the AVL needs of a business. As we all know the transit supervision cannot be carried out efficiently without an effective AVL. By using our services you can track your vehicles entire time without worrying about its safety and wastage of fuel. The best GPS car tracker in Delhi is within your reach. All you need to do is contact the GPS Gaadi and avail our services.

The transit industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Just like any other industry, it has been aided by the advanced technology. To meet the demand of current market you need premium AVL services. The transit supervisor needs to be aware of the location of all his vehicles entire time. It prevents the chances of misuse by the drivers. It also plays a great deal in averting the fuel wastage and any other discrepancies. You do not have to rely on the information provided by the drivers when they are en route. You will be aware of the vehicle and its course in real time. Therefore, using reliable GPS Trackers for Trucks is necessary.

How does the Best GPS Tracking System Work?

ALV system works by merging the diagnostic of a vehicle and the GPS data provided by the satellites. The satellite navigation technologies are used for determining the location, speed, and direction of a vehicle. One more technology that plays an equally important role in the efficient use of GPS is the terrestrial navigation. It uses tools such as Google Street View and determines the exact location of a vehicle. It is more accurate than satellite navigation. If the user has cellular technologies in addition to these services, it can be an added advantage. GPS Gaadi provides an integration of all these technologies for the best GPS tracking services. Car Tracking in Delhi, GPS Tracking in Delhi have been made hassle-free accredited to our efforts.

We cater to the following GPS services

The customers can reach out to us and avail the best GPS tracking systems at a very reasonable price.

1. GPS Tracking with Driver Identification

This is a necessity for almost all the fleet companies. Nobody assigns a vehicle to a particular driver. The company keeps shuffling the vehicles and the driver. Therefore, an advanced system for identifying the driver is the need of the hour. GPS Tracking with Driver Identification allows the transit supervision to track the detailed information of each driver.

This how the system works:

Each driver is asked to enter the information into the dashboard and make an ID. Whenever he boards the vehicle, he needs to login allowing the manager to know which vehicle is assigned to which driver. The activities can be monitored facilely. The accountability and the safety pertaining to the transit remain intact.

2. GPS Tracker with Kill Switch

GPS Tracking Device India for Cars this device helps to shut down the device remotely using the phone or the computer. It acts as an effective safeguard against any malicious practice or misconduct by the assigned driver. GPS Tracker with Kill Switch is also useful against the subprime borrowers who are not able to return your vehicle in a timely manner. This type of GPS device is installed on the dashboard. Using the kill switch, the transit supervisor can disable the ignition remotely.

3. GPS Tracking with RFID

This is gaining a lot of momentum for tracking the assets such as the vehicle or the cargo in the transit demesne. .GPS Tracking with RFID uses an RFID sticker and a low-frequency RF signal to track the target and send over the signal to the server. The transmission takes place at a very high frequency. This is an effective device for monitoring the vehicles.

At GPS Gaadi, we offer integration of highly advanced GPS services tracking Devices for Cars in Delhi NCR. The users can avail these services without the fear of any discrepancy. Our exhaustive knowledge and experience in the field allow us to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

Some of The Application Area in Terms of GPS Tracker India Online Car Tracking in Delhi

GPS Gaddi has a team of young and dynamic professionals. All of them are quite dedicated to their work and responsibilities. We are very much focused in providing technical and high quality solution when it comes to GPS tracker in Delhi. We believe in providing the right solution to our customers. We have always proved to be a reliable service provider in the town and all over India.

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